• It’s late.

    As per most evenings, my wife has gone to bed a couple of hours ago. I’m still up, but have pre-ground the coffee for tomorrow morning and tidied up the bits and bobs of kitchen detritus. My brain is still wide awake, thinking about the efficient placement of electrical conduit, uninterruptible power supplies, and red wine blends.

    As one does, I suppose.

  • Current status.

  • Mastodon’ing, occasionally.

  • Godspeed, Mr Allen.

    I never managed to meet Dean Allen in person. We shared one of those sporadic internet acquaintenceships that sometime grow into something else, but usually don’t. His recent passing caught me by surprise, but it also made me realize … that sporadic internet acquaintenceship helped shape that way I look at things, often channelling his unique style of observational whimsy. I promise to continue doing that. It’s the least I can do.

  • Melting signage abstraction.

    Spotted at outdoor swimming pool in Calgary. Guest appearance by a rather unfortunate instance of Hermann Zapf’s Optima typeface.

  • Currently several zones off standard time.

  • Snow Leopard Forever.

  • Originally posted on Twitter, I felt this tidbit needed to be shared here as well.

    “The entire neighbourhood smells like ham this evening.”

    Just saying.

  • Good morning. Please direct me to your nearest cup of coffee.

  • The workshop.

  • Boom.

  • This is just a quick test of mirroring to GitHub after adjusting the access token scope again. This time I have only set the repo scope.

  • I’ve been attempting to connect mirco.blog to GitHub as described in this help document.

    One of the details left out of the documentation is that you need to enable the repo-related scopes when defining the personal access token.

    Initially, I had used the default scope settings which don’t grant access to anything. I’m not surprised that didn’t work. My second attempt granted access to the repo scope, but that seems to apply only to private repositories.

    My latest change granted access to the admin:repo_hook scope. This scope includes read and write repository hooks.

  • I stopped blogging.

    I’m not entirely sure why it happened, but it did. Nearly a decade ago, the almost daily stream of observations, asides, links, (and brainfarts) I had been posting to my site dwindled to a sad, prosaic trickle.

    Actually, I do know what happened.

    Twitter happened.

    I’d like to flip that relationship back to something that feels more like those first few years I was blogging. Perhaps micro.blog is a manageable catalyst to make that transition.

    Let’s find out.

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